give your workers freedom to listen

discover s/flow, the first work-shift
audio headset that leave ears open

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making listening safe

s/flow conducts sound through the temporal bones directly to the worker inner ear, leaving ears open for full consciousness of the work environment

your ears are open

32 g

ABS + rubber coating


increasing productivity up to 11.3%

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engineered for work

powered by qualcomm (CC3003)
transducer sensitivity 88 ± 3 dB
7.5+ hours battery life
sweat resistant (PX-5)
ergonomics for all shift-use
USB-micro charging
bluetooth 5.0
works with iOS & Android
CE, ROHS and FCC certified
PPE compatible

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a new kind of direct employee benefit

unlock the potential of your workers with s/flow

odemkněte potenciál vašich pracovníků


see where listening in the factory is the new norm


factory impact

plant managers

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to reduce cost
to improve worker efficiency
to reduce the cost of new hires
workers to be immersed in their work

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to offer unique employee benefits
to improve employee satisfaction
to improve employee retention rate


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to feel better at work
to get into flow
to feel trusted


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5-20 workers

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price excluding VAT
1-year warranty

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21-200 workers

price per one s/flow user
price excluding VAT
1-year warranty
on-site training included

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+201 workers

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questions and asnwers

> How does bone conduction work?

We engineered s/flow is a crucial feature in mind - WORKER AWARENESS IS KEY.
s/flow conducts sound through the temporal bones directly to the inner ear, leaving workers safe to hear their surroundings.

> Can others hear s/flow listetning experince?

We engineered s/flow to minimize sound leakage and deliver a private listening experience.
Although bone conduction headphones bypass the eardrum, they still have to transmit vibrations to the inner ear for your cochlea to receive and funnel to the brain via stereocilia vibrations.
s/flow still must emit the same frequencies and vibrations to reach your cochlea, meaning some sound will be heard to those around you due to the lack of seal. In the typical production plant setting, the sound leak of s/flow is negligible.

In the typical production plant setting, the sound leak of s/flow is negligible.

> Can workers make calls with s/flow?

Yes, s/flow utilizes microphone capable of making voice calls, however, call answering is up to the policy of given factory.

> Is s/flow covered by a warranty?

Yes, s/flow is covered by a one-year warranty.

> Is s/flow compatible with PPE?

Yes, s/flow is compatible with personal protective equipment (PPE).
Workers can use s/flow while equipped with earplugs, face masks, respirators or helmets.

> How frequently workers use a cell phone to control s/flow?

s/flow user interface is designed to allow full audio control. No interaction with a cell phone is required during a work shift, we recommend follow ground rules in any s/flow implementation setting.

1/ pair s/flow to your smartphone before a shift starts 🕟
2/ use s/flow controls (not your smartphone) ⚠️
3/ get into flow safely ❤️

> Will s/flow fit all workers?

s/flow ergonomics is designed for all-shift use, we offer different sizes that allow all-shift use for every head size.

> What do BOZP experts think about s/flow?

Not only that we designed s/flow in cooperation with safety experts. But we also did undergo in-depth research about sflow safety, you can see results in this survey.

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our mission is to bring a happier environment to workers

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